Our Trip to Atlanta and This Weekend's Activities

Last Saturday we packed the kids up and headed down to Atlanta for the day. Over the past few months I have been stockpiling my Coke Rewards points in hope to save enough for all of us to visit the World of Coca-Cola museum for free. Thanks to my friends family and my WTE mamas, we made our goal! The kids had a great time at the museum and then at the Georgia Aquarium. I found a great deal on tickets to the aquarium ($15 each) so we were able to take our whole family to both the Coke Museum and the Georgia Aquarium for $60.00!

Gabriel was not so sure about the Coke Bear

View in the tunnel

Liam seemed to think that the tunnel was pretty awesome

Everyone had a great time and, aside from Gabe's meltdown between the Coke Museum and the Aquarium, it was a pretty awesome trip.

The big kids were at their nanny and papa's this weekend. Friday night we worked on the cake for Elizabeth's shower. The icing and I did not get along and it turned out sort of splotchy, but it tasted good!

Yesterday Chris had to work and I attended the shower. Last night we went to the Greenville Road Warriors game with some of our friends and had an awesome time.

Today I got up early and did some couponing at CVS and Walgreens. I did really well (I only spent $1.92 for a basket full of stuff at Walgreens). Chris and I hit up Rita's for free ice day and then went to Old Navy to get jeans for Gabe. We did really well there too and only spent $26 on three pairs of jeans (usually $16.50 each). We bought Gabriel's birthday present at AC Moore (with a coupon, of course) and then went to Bruster's to give blood. It was Pint for a Pint Day which means you get a free pint of ice cream for donating blood. We waited in line for about 30 minutes. Once we got inside the Blood Connection bus, I picked Liam out of his car seat to discover he was wet all the way up his back. We had to leave since there really wasn't anywhere to change him. The nice lady gave us a voucher for ice cream anyway. :)


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