Goals for This Week

It's Sunday night and time to start thinking about the week ahead. I've blogged a lot today. Congrats and thank you if you've kept up! It's okay if you haven't though, I understand. The past few weeks have been a bit crazy and I am learning from the craziness and setting a few goals for myself for the upcoming week.

1. My bedtime is no later than 10:00 p.m.
2. I will get up early enough to make sure everyone has time for a good breakfast.
3. I will spend at least 30 minutes per evening working on laundry or housework.
4. I will stay focused and work as diligently as possible at my job during the day, but when the work day is over, I will focus solely on my family.
5. I will pack Cadence's lunch every evening instead of during the morning.

I'll update again at the end of the week.


jackee said...

I hope you are better at goals than I am. This weekends goals were:
1. Finish deck
2. Organize desk.
3. Relax.

I only accomplished #3.

The Sort of Crunchy Hall~Smith Family said...

I understand how that goes! At least you accomplished the most important of those three goals. ;)

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