Blog Facelift - Welcome to the Kind-of-Crunchy Hall~Smith Family!

I went several weeks without making an entry, and now I've made three in the last few days! Anyway, my last entry on Must-Have Baby Items made me think. I have tons of baby and parenting related tricks floating around in my head - most of which involve budget parenting. So going forward, I will still continue to blog about events going in in our family; however, I'm going to add in the little tricks that I have learned along my journey of becoming a budget-conscious, "crunchy" mom.

What is "crunchy" parenting, you ask? "Crunchy" refers to granola - something natural. The more "crunchy" the parent, the more natural they are. For example, an extremely "crunchy" parent may not vaccinate their children, may home school and probably buys only organic products. We are moderately "crunchy." We make baby food, breast feed, baby wear and vaccinate on a modified schedule. We buy organic when we can, but do everything on a budget.

Be prepared for more blogging on topics relating to how we keep save money everyday by being the Kind-of-Crunchy Hall-Smith Family!


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