This post is dedicated to Jackee and Sydney. I have been a slack little blogger. I apologize. ;)

A few weeks ago we got some snow. Actually, for South Carolina, we got a LOT of snow.

It was the type of snow that emptied every grocery store of bread, milk and eggs for miles around. I don't understand why people down here all insist upon making french toast when it snows, but to each his own.

Needless to say, we were home bound for a few days. The big kids and Chris had a great time playing outside and building snow forts.

William and I hung out inside most of the day. When the older kids came in, I make them some snow cream. Now, for some reason, I did not hear about snow cream until I moved to the south. It would have been much more handy to have known about this delightful treat when I still lived in Canada but c'est la vie.

The night before the snow fell, I placed two large bowls on the table on our back patio. In the morning they were overflowing with freshly fallen snow.

I scooped some of the snow into a large bowl and added cream, vanilla and sugar. The result was the best vanilla ice cream EVER.

School was closed Monday - Thursday of that week. Friday was a teacher workday (scheduled at the beginning of the year) and Monday was a holiday. By the end of their unscheduled break, the kids were definitely ready to go back to school.

My thoughts upon dropping the kids off on Tuesday are best described as follows:


jackee said...

Thank you!

Stephanie said...

The snow cream looks soooo good!!! Next time I'm snowed in I'll definitely have to try it! Miss you! xoxo

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