Happy New Year's

We wanted to do something special with the kids for New Year's Eve. They aren't old enough to take out and I really didn't want to shoot of fireworks in the cold so we had a New Year's Eve party at home. I purchased some Christmas party plates, cups and a tablecloth that were on clearance and set them up in the kitchen.

I made a roast, mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli and cauliflower . The kids (even Cadence) ate it like champs!

For dessert we had a brownie with white chocolate cream cheese icing. After meeting with Cadence's doctor last week, I am now hiding good food in things that she loves to eat (as well as still making her eat healthy foods such as the broccoli/cauliflower mix). The brownie contained a cup of pureed carrots and spinach. No one noticed.

While we ate our brownies, we all talked about our favorite things that happened in 2010 and we made a list.

We also talked about things that we were looking forward to in the next year and made another list. My personal favorite was Gabriel's "banana pants," whatever that is.

After we finished up at the table, I fed Liam while Chris cleaned up the kitchen. Then we set up Twister in the play room because no party is complete without Twister!

Chris picked up champagne and sparkling grape juice so we could toast the new year at midnight, but we didn't make it that far. The big kids were starting to get irritable and Liam fell asleep around 10pm so it was hard for me to stay up (I'm a firm believer in sleeping when baby sleeps). We all went to bed around 11pm and rang the new year in from dreamland.

We hope that all of you had an amazing year and wish you nothing but the very best in 2011!!!


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