Dear William

Dear William,

Mommy loves you very much. Tomorrow she is going to pack you up in your carseat and take you on a short drive. We'll go to a place with lots of other babies. You'll meet some very nice ladies and then... Mommy will have to go. I don't know why this is so much harder this time. Maybe because I know you are my last little baby. Maybe it's because I thought I had lost you a few hours before you were born. Either way, driving away tomorrow will be extremely difficult. Please know that I love you and I'm doing this out of that love. I'll be driving away tomorrow so that you can live in a decent house in a good school district. I'm doing it so you can have everything you need and some things that you just want. I'm doing it so you can go to college without worrying about massive amounts of debt. I'm doing it for you, your brother and your sister. Please don't be mad at me for it now or later in life. I promise I'm doing the best that I can.



Carrington said...

Ok, I teared up. I will admit it. I hope everything goes well tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you!

The Hall~Smith Family said...

You are so sweet. Thank you so much!

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