Getting into the routine

We are adjusting to life with me back to work and Liam in daycare. Our schedule is a bit crazy but it works. If you've tried reaching me over the past week, I promise I'm not ignoring you. We just have a lot going on.

Here is what our work day routine should look like. Unfortunately, we are usually running behind a bit, especially in the mornings.:

5:30a.m. - Wake & feed Liam (if he's hungry) then shower, pack up diapers in the laundry room and toss in a load of laundry (or move to dryer if washed last night).

6:00am - Wake up older kids.

6:30am - Threaten older kids with their lives if they do not hurry up and get their clothes on! Make breakfast for older kids, pack van for work/day care (this includes cloth diapers, wet bag, pump, frozen breast milk, lunch, laptop and work I took home last night). Empty dishwasher.

7:00am - See hubby off. Nuke coffee that I haven't had a chance to drink yet (hubz makes it for me every morning). Throw dinner in the crock pot or thaw out frozen casserole or other frozen items I need for dinner that night. Grab breakfast for myself.

7:15am - Out the door! Drop boys off to daycare and daughter off to school.

8am-2:00pm - At office (eat lunch at desk)

2:30pm - Pick daughter up from school and boys from daycare

3:30pm - Put pumped milk from work in the freezer. Move laundry over to dryer (if washed this morning). Throw diapers in the wash on pre-wash cycle. Homework time with daughter then feed Liam.

4:30pm - Start wash cycle on diapers. Work from home if kids are entertained. Otherwise, entertain kids unless it is Wednesday. If Wednesday, pack kids up in van to go to church dinner & youth group.

5:00pm - Cook dinner (all nights except Wednesday and every other Monday. If every other Monday, pack kids up in van and go to friends' house for dinner.)

6:15pm - Eat.

7:00pm - Run dishwasher. Feed Liam. On Thursday - Go to gym and drop kids of in nursery (On Tuesday, move dinner up to 5:15pm and go to gym at 6:00pm). If Monday or Friday, play with kiddos then start baths.

7:30pm - Baths, story, prayers & get kiddos ready for bed.

8:00pm - Big kids to bed.

8:15pm - Get laundry from dryer and fold. Hang diapers in washer. Pack daughter's lunch, set out clothes for all kids

9:00pm - Feed Liam then log into work.

10:30pm - Finish work then get ready for bed.

11pm - Bedtime! :)

If Liam is up a little earlier than 5:30 a.m. to eat than I stay up and log into work since there isn't any point in going back to bed. We spend the weekends when we have all of the kids doing fun family activities. The weekends when the big kids go to their Nanny & Papa's house are spent catching up on the housework and laundry that didn't get finished during the week.


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